Air transportation

Buraq Logistics company organizes air transportation from Tashkent and other cities to anywhere in the world. Cargoes are sent by regular flights of domestic and foreign airlines. It is possible to organize charter flights.

The company's specialists carry out the full preparation of cargo for the flight:

  • Sorting, and checking positions.
  • Selection of packaging material.
  • Party seat markings.
  • Placement in a storage warehouse.
  • Preparation of supporting documentation.
  • Insurance (at the request of the client).

When carrying out air cargo transportation, it is possible to send any consumables, products, and equipment, including those belonging to special categories. There are no specific requirements for loose and packaged general cargo. They are placed in protective and transport packaging to ensure safety during transportation and movement.

Experts of "Buraq Logistics" make several routes for each client: direct (if possible) and transit through hub airports (connecting flights in 2 or 3 shoulders). The sender will have to choose the most optimal option from those offered. For each air route, specialists will provide a complete calculation of the cost of air cargo transportation.

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