Automotive transportation

Auto-delivery of goods with us will save you time and money. Our customers are always confident that the required cargo will be in place at a predetermined time, regardless of its volume, weight, specifics, and other factors. Wide geography. The network of regional partner companies gives us the opportunity to provide long-distance cargo transportation services to almost any location in Uzbekistan and around the world.

High delivery speed. Specialists promptly process incoming applications for intercity transportation, form the shortest routes, and carry out intercity cargo transportation in Uzbekistan and around the world in a minimum period of time.

Delivery of goods of various types. Buraq Logistics delivers oversized and oversized cargo, including products with special requirements for transportation conditions.

Individual approach. Cargo transportation in Uzbekistan and around the world is planned and carried out taking into account the wishes of the client in terms of timing, route, and other delivery conditions. Our loyalty program provides discounts for regular customers.

Reliability. Implementing this principle helps us carry out cargo transportation in a strictly established time frame.

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