Customs clearance

If you need to carry out customs clearance in Uzbekistan for goods when importing or exporting, we will be happy to help you. We carry out prompt customs clearance of goods and goods at any customs office in any region, help collect the necessary documents for customs, calculate customs payments, and carry out customs declarations.

Do you or your company need to carry out customs clearance of goods or services? Our company carries out prompt clearance of various goods in various customs regimes at various customs terminals delivered or sent: by road, air, sea, and rail.

Services for customs clearance of goods are needed for the import and export of goods when passing the border of Uzbekistan. Shipment can be carried out by truck, ship, aircraft, or rail transport. Each class of transport logistics has its own customs clearance rules, which must be strictly observed.

Buraq Logistics is ready to carry out customs clearance of goods in Uzbekistan. We have been providing customs clearance services for over 5 years.

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