Rail transportation

Buraq Logistics company carries out regional rail transportation of goods of various categories and in any direction on behalf of the sender.

Rail transportation is the most convenient way to deliver cargo, while the risk of cargo loss is minimal. All containers have standard sizes, so they can be easily transported by any means of transport. If freight container transportation is carried out in large quantities, their cost will be significantly reduced. Transportation can be organized as a single chain, the links of which are railway, road, water transport, and aviation.

Railway transportation today is the most economical and modern type of cargo transportation used by Buraq Logistics in domestic transportation. The main directions of cargo container transportation are the large cities of the country. Freight container transportation significantly reduces transportation costs.

Specialists of Buraq Logistics organize cargo container transportation not only quickly, but also as efficiently as possible. When ordering freight container transportation from Buraq Logistics, you can count on maximum efficiency and minimum cost of transportation.

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